8 Secrets to the Best Cookies Ever

yummy cookies

The internet abounds with scrumptious cookie recipes. Most go back for generations. Something that good definitely gets passed along. Restaurants and catering companies need to be at the forefront of this delicious foodie fanfare, and some are putting their innovative twists on old familiar favorites. Today’s trend within modern gastronomy is to apply new and different techniques which make for a fresh spin-off on a familiar flavor.

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Gluten Free Diets

GLUTEN-FREEWhat’s with all the talk about moving from traditional diets to a gluten free diet? As you walk down the aisles of the supermarket these days you see more and more labels touting “Gluten Free”. If you go to any catered function you will see several items labeled gluten free. Every caterer knows about specialty meals, there’s nothing new about that, but the keen awareness put on gluten free products has risen significantly.

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Putting Together a Wedding

wedding plannerThe big day was marked on the calendar. Six months from now Jennifer was going to be the bride she always wanted to be. As her Mom, I was her right hand helper and we started out like two best friends making plans. There were a few things she was very sure about. Jen knew the man of her dreams would love the setup we picked, since he owned plumbing Kitchener ON and was able to adapt to changing circumstances quite easily to meet customer expectations. Her recent experience at a friend’s college graduation party convinced her that she had to hire the same catering company her friend had used– they were the best. The food was beautifully presented by professional staff, and oh so delicious. That being decided, we called and made an appointment for the following week to determine the menu.

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All Things Scrumptious

all things scrumptious

When first returning to the US after living in Mexico for 6 years I was ready to put my new skills to use so I decided to start a catering company. Over the past several years of learning more about internet marketing, search engine optimization and other useful online avenues to generate leads for my business, I realized how much work it would be to own a successful business. Not only that, but I was also part owner and on-site manager of a small resort on the Yucatan, Peninsula. We had a beautiful thatched roof dining palapa with a reputation for some of the best food within a 100 kilometer range.

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